Thursday, April 15, 2010

iPad Test Drive: Day 3.5

I bumped into a guy on the T today, and the next thing I knew he was asking me about my thoughts on "my" iPad. I explained that I was testing the iPad for work-related uses but that so far I'm drawing blanks (except for the two applications previously mentioned). He seemed really worried about my response and immediately pulled out his own iPad to show me his note-taking app. It turns out that he's a BU student who works at e Apple Store on Boylston. I'm happy for him that he's so loyal to his employer, but I really do think that the iPad is only a taste of the real tablet products to come.

A quick read of the iPad's upcoming competition gives me great hope that eventually I will have a tablet that is also a laptop replacement. Lenovo's take on the tablet is the closest to what I would consider the next-generation workplace computer, and everything else is a cool gadget with limited uses.

I still haven't thought of a paid app to try yet. Maybe something will come to me in my sleep tonight.